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    A Spoonful Of Cereal


    Appropriate anytime from a quick breakfast to a night owl’s 3 a.m. attack of the munchies, cereal transcends society’s assigned mealtime slots. Taking full advantage of the country’s killer cereal craving is Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar, which will soon have three locations on Long Island in Seaford, Stewart Manor and Massapequa Park.

    The curious confectionery spot blends vanilla ice cream with various “swirl-ins,” including an array of childhood favorite cereals alongside sweets like candy bars, cookies and cones. With 18 cereals and 20 other sweets to choose from, it would take a math whiz to figure out the exact number of concoctions that one could create. Since math is fun for precisely no one, here are five of the craziest concoctions you can make yourself at Spoons.