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    Hamptons Epicure: The Top 5 Things I Ate in April on the East End

    Local foodie Stacy Dermont shares her favorite East End delights this month.


    Spring on the East End. Buds are budding, greens are greening, brews are brewing. Of course, never content with nibbling with just one fork, I swam across Flanders Bay to take in just a bit (actually a ball) of the best that the twin fork has to offer as well.

    #5 Fried pickles are not health food, but once in a while, one should indulge. I suggest you do so this spring at the Springs Tavern in Springs because they do them right—very thin rounds, dusted with a light cornmeal batter. These delights are designed to be shared (they’re too salty to enjoy alone), and eaten while very hot. Pairing them with a cold beer is more than implied.